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4 Ways to Add Outdoor Appeal

From a simple trellis to an ornate gazebo, an outdoor structure can refresh your space and lend your landscape year-round appeal. Here are four popular options to consider.

Trellis -- This vertical garden accent is a basic panel of latticework that's meant to support climbing plants. Mount one against the wall of a garage or shed to add interest to a bland space. Nurseries and garden centers have many ready-made options, but a trellis is also relatively simple to build on your own.

Arbor -- This structure, which usually incorporates trellises, has two sides and an open, slatted roof. Arbors are often used to mark the entry of a patio or other outdoor space, or they can serve as dividers between sections of a garden. Build one that's a bit deeper and pair it with a bench to create a tunnel-like effect that makes for an intimate seating area. Soften the overall look by training plants like roses or clematis to climb up the sides.

Pergola -- More substantial than an arbor, a pergola has pillars and a semi-open top with beams. They're often used to cover walkways or provide shelter for tables or seating. Attach one to your house to add architectural interest or build one over a patio where you can enjoy the breeze and filtered sun. Weather-resistant cedar is a common building choice for a pergola, though alternatives like vinyl or fiberglass minimize upkeep.

Gazebo -- These freestanding structures are usually hexagons or octagons with a domed roof. Often located in spots that take advantage of the view, gazebos are normally open to the elements but can also be screened in to keep insects at bay.

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